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Glossary Detail 1xEV-DO (EV-DO)
Part of a family of CDMA2000 1x digital wireless standards. 1xEV-DO is a "3G" CDMA standard. EV-DO stands for "EVolution, Data-Only".

EV-DO provides data rates over 10 times faster than 1xRTT, the previous data technology for CDMA networks.

Unlike other "1x" standards, EV-DO only addresses data - not voice. It requires a dedicated slice of spectrum, separate from voice networks using standards such as 1xRTT.

There are currently two main versions of 1xEV-DO: "Release 0" and "Revision A".

Release 0 is the original version, and the first to be widely deployed. Rel. 0 offers data rates up to 2.4 mbps, averaging 300-600 kbps in the real world. This is much faster than the 50-80 kbps typically offered by 1xRTT technology. Rel. 0 data rates are identical to 1xEV-DV Revision C.

Revision A integrates most of the faster data technology from 1xEV-DV Revision D, and improves latency. These enhancements allow features such a VoIP and video calling.

Although EV-DO does not include voice capability natively, Rev. A is fast enough to support VoIP technology at service levels equal or better to 1xRTT voice technology. This may be a future upgrade path for CDMA carriers if EV-DV development remains stalled.

1xEV-DO is based on a technology initially known as "HDR" (High Data Rate) or "HRPD" (High Rate Packet Data), developed by Qualcomm. The international standard is known as IS-856.
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