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Glossary Detail 1xEV-DV (EV-DV)
Part of a family of cdma2000 1x digital wireless standards. 1xEV-DV is a "3G" standard.

EV-DV stands for "EVolution, Data and Voice". It addresses both data and voice, unlike 1xEV-DO, which only addresses data natively.

1xEV-DV combines the high-speed HDR technology from 1xEV-DO with the widely-deployed 1xRTT standard. It integrates seamlessly with 1xRTT, providing full backward-compatibility and simultaneous voice and data.

There are two versions of 1xEV-DV: "Revision C" and "Revision D".

Revision C provides high speeds only for the forward link, meaning only "download" speeds are faster. The reverse link ("upload") is the exact same as the existing 1xRTT standard.

Revision D provides fast data speeds in both directions, making it ideal for applications such as video conferencing and uploading large files (such as photos from megapixel camera phones). Revision D also integrates MEID natively.

1xEV-DV development is currently stalled, having been superseded in many ways by 1xEV-DO Revision A + VoIP technology.
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