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Glossary Detail LBS (Location-Based Services)
Location-Based Services refers to a broad range of services that are based on (or enhanced by) information about the physical location of a user and/or device.

Typical location-based services for consumers might include real-time turn-by-turn directions, the location of the nearest gas station or motel, or social networking services.

What makes the service location-based is that it knows your location automatically, without entering a zip code, for example.

Location-based services can also be business-oriented.

Location-based services are typically made available to the user via a WAP site, or downloadable software (Java, BREW, Symbian, etc.). They can also be made available in some cases via voice or text messaging.

Some location-based services report location to a third party, such as parents tracking the location of children, or businesses tracking a fleet of vehicles.

Location-based services require several components.

First, the network must specifically support it. US carriers have generally been required to do most of this work already to meet FCC requirements for E-911 Phase II.

Second, certain types of position-location technology, such as GPS and A-GPS, require that technology to be built into the phone circuitry as well.

Those two requirements are generally enough for WAP- voice- or SMS-based services. But for software-based solutions, the phone or other end-user device must also support specific APIs that make location information available to the software.
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