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Glossary Detail OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode)
Also known as LEP (Light-Emitting Polymer), OLED is a next-generation display technology that consists of small dots of organic polymer that emit light when charged with electricity.

OLED displays come in single-color, multi-color, and full-color varieties.

Compared to color LCDs, color OLED displays...
  • are thinner
  • are lighter weight
  • are brighter
  • have better viewing angles
  • use less power
  • are simpler and cheaper to manufacture
  • have better response time for video and animation
For these reasons, OLEDs are expected to replace LCDs for color displays in phones and other small, portable devices.

One drawback of OLED technology is that, since it only emits and does not reflect light, it can be difficult to see in very bright light, such as direct sunlight.
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