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Stolen Samsung AMOLED tech leads to 11 arrests  2012-04-06 04:44:59

When it comes to AMOLED screens, Samsung is the heavyweight in the industry. That fact is thanks in large part to the larger production capacity Samsung has. Those Samsung AMOLED panels have led to the arrest of 11 people either currently or previously employed by Samsung. These 11 people allegedly stole Samsung AMOLED technology.

The tech was later sold to local rivals of Samsung in the AMOLED business. At this time, we don’t know what local company paid for the stolen technology. One researcher at Samsung allegedly accepted a payment of $170,000 from the unnamed local rival to pass trade secrets having to do with the technology in Samsung displays.

The worker who allegedly accepted the payment is said to be very involved in the development of technology. The reason the worker sold the technology is believed to be because he was passed over for an executive position within Samsung. Naturally, exactly what technology was stolen and sold is remaining unannounced. The tech in question is believed to give Samsung a competitive edge over rivals and help Samsung take a leadership role in the AMOLED TV market. It’s unclear what part the other 10 current and former Samsung workers played.

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