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Nokia Windows Tablet Rumored for End of 2012  2012-03-12 16:37:51

Windows 8 preview. Photo: Microsoft

Although Nokia’s Lumia 900 handset hasn’t hit the U.S. market yet, it’s already made headlines, impressing the world as a viable Windows Phone alternative to a smartphone market dominated by Apple and Google. It’s reasonable then for Nokia to follow up its declaration of war with an entry into the tablet game, as the latest rumor from DigiTimes posits: A Nokia Windows 8 tablet could be released by the end of 2012.

Drawing on sources from the manufacturing pipeline, the quasi-reliable DigiTimes says the 10-inch tablet will carry a dual-core Qualcomm processor and the Windows 8 operating system.

Nokia isn’t the first company to release Windows phones, but by partnering with Microsoft since February 2011, it’s the only manufacturer to limit its high-end smartphones to Windows, avoiding Android handsets completely. The collaboration between Nokia and Microsoft will allow Nokia to focus hardware development on a single platform, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop told Gadget Lab, a philosophy that could just as easily apply to tablets.

Rumors surfaced last year about a Windows-based Nokia tablet, thanks to an announcement by the manager of Nokia’s French division. The June release date he claimed seems to be unrealistic now, especially because Microsoft hasn’t announced a date for Windows 8. Any real look at a Nokia Windows tablet is still a ways away, but such a device could help make Windows a strong third-party candidate, not just in phones, but also in tablets.

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